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Site last updated: 22 Aug 2002

"God damn it Ghost, where the hell have you been?"

Err... no where? Last week after spending 12 hours on a single room for my Endbringer mod I had my wife check it out. She told me the place looked like a kiddie's night light. I haven't touched it since. Heh. I'm sure I will get back to it, but it was quite a blow to my ego. Trust me.

In other news though...

That's right. I've passed the MWBTG tests. So I'm officially bug free. Whoot. Glitch free? No, no mod is ever glitch free... but I'm bug free. So that's really great news.

I guess people want to know if I'm going to finish the Endbringer plugin, the answer is yes. I have some of the interior works done. I've just been busy with other things. I've been in this country for three months, and I'm finally starting to make connections. Met some people I'm playing 3eD&D with on Sundays. Which is good. Also installed BG again and have been playing through it for the first time in years.

In some interesting news... a couple of people have sent me plugin's that they have made for the flat. Addon's so to speak. And when I mentioned them to someone they gave me an interesting idea.

"Host a contest." They said. "For the best addons you get, post them on your site. Or incorporate them into a big .esp."

I've been considering it. So many talented people out there are making things. I can help them get something out there. And a free host to boot. My mod has become pretty popular if you can believe it... I still can't... so it could be neato.

I'll go ahead and say submit addons or updates to the flat and mail them to:


If people seem interested and or I get some submissions in the first two weeks, I'll consider the contest a go. Is it really a contest? No. It's just a chance for you to get your addon up on my site. So many people write me with things to add to the flat. Well.. I'm done with the flat. But that doesn't mean you have to be. Do you think it needs something? Do you wish it had a fence to hold your pets? A mage guild teleporter? A propylon chamber? Someone or something to sell goods to? A trainer? More quests? More chests? Add them. Make them good. Make them shine. I'll check them out. I'll let my wife check them out. We'll pick our favs. Then we'll post those here. I'll then let you folks decide. The best I will not only post here, but probably include in another release of the Flat.

So... what do you think? What do you have to lose? The way I see it is this: If your plugin gets up here... 10000 people have already downloaded my mod from this site alone. If it's good enough, that means at least 10000 people will download the addon. Which means your name will get out there 10000 times. Which means when you make another mod, you will have that automatic name recognition.


In the mean time I'm willing to do some freelance stuff. So if you have need of someone to help out on some small things on a mod, drop me a mail. I'll see what I can do. Not guaranteed of course, but then, in life... what is?


One last thing, my mod made it to number two for a brief time on Morrowind Summit's most popular voted mods. And number two on morrowindfiles.com. Again, thanks to each and every one of you. I never thought a couple months ago when I started to mod that it would be anything special. You folks proved me wrong.




Site last updated: 9 Aug 2002

Monthly Statistics for August 2002

Total Hits 31044
Total Files 21578
Total KBytes 6361322

6.5 gigs in 9 days. Wow. Hopefully my 15 gig/month bandwidth limit isn't going to get ripped up by day 20. I am making an assumption that the bandwidth will quiet down after people get their copy of the Abandoned Flat v2.0. So I'm not too overly worried.

Now on to something completely different...

You people have truly rallied behind my plug-in. I have made it to number 25 of the most downloaded files on Morrowind Summit which is quite amazing, and even more amazing, I have made it to number FIVE of the most popular. Number five out of 600+, people! I'm absolutely in awe at you folks who have shown so much support. I can only say thank you and that I will continue to make top quality mods until the stars burn out and the universe fades...

...Speaking of stars and fading universes... (good segway huh?) I'm updating the Coming Soon page with pics for the Endbringer armor I'm working on. I'll pick out eight screens and post them. They are kinda low res, so just keep in mind the stuff looks about a hundred times better in game than in those crap ass pictures. I'm working on the armor scripts and some interior work also. Should finish the Hub by this weekend.

Been playing some actually, for the first time in over a month I guess. I wanted to sample some of the really good mods that are coming out. My wife, Tree who plays more than I do, is going to start doing some mod reviews. So look for those here soon. Her first will probably be Lucan's Vogar. Then perhaps the Cult of the Clouds and Mar Lao, who knows. I'm not even sure she does yet.

Lets see... screens, thank yous, reviews... there was something else. Oh! Yes, that's right. I haven't heard anything else back from the MWBTG yet, so lets hope I get approved soon. If so, I'll post one last FINAL version of the Abandoned Flat that is MWBTG tested to be bug free.

So, that's it. Keep checking back for news/updates/etc. I'll try to do some screens of the Hub once it's done. As a teaser. Considering making it something for post main quest characters. Or perhaps just post level 30. Not sure, email me if you have a preference. Always listening.

One last thing, please mail me at ghost@ghostwhowalks.net from now on, my hotmail account is getting smacked around with all the emails. May as well use this one.

Take care, and thanks again!

All for now.



Site last updated: 5 Aug 2002

Well, first things first, I have mailed my mod to the MWBTG, or for those like my who look at that and think, what the hell is the mau-wub-tug? It's the Morrowind Beta Testers Group, you can read what they are and who there are at their website. But what this means is that I am having my Abandoned Flat v2.0 mod tested by the pros. What does this mean to you? Well, nothing right now. But I will be posting anything they find in a new section here, and when they approve it I will let you folks know.

I've also updated my coming soon page with what I plan on working on this week. It's still rough but I hope what I plan is possible.

The feedback on Morrowind Summit has been great, keep downloading here here or there, keep those votes coming in on their site, and keep giving me that feedback folks, I have email, let me know what you think. What needs improved. If you have mod ideas you would like to see implemented. Anything. I like to hear from folks that have played my mods.

That's it for today. I'll update with progress soon.


Site last updated: 2 Aug 2002

I'm doing some updates to my FAQ for the Abandoned Flat v2.0, also adding some screen shots of the new areas and such for people who are interested.

In addition, I have uploaded to Morrowind Summit, (The biggest, and possibly the best mod/plug-in site around, simply due to it's MASSIVE fanbase.) Anyway, as cheep and unlike me that it is, if you have never voted (rated) for my mod there, go rate it if you don't mind. If you liked it or even if you hated it. Just be fair and honest. That's all I ask. I normally wouldn't pimp myself out like this, but I put almost a month of my time into it and I would like to see it treated accordingly. So.. yeah. That's what I have tonight.

Starting to work on something Monday I Think. I have some R&R planned with Mrs. Ghost this weekend so I'll be rather immaterial. Heh.

So... enjoy the FAQ update. The new screenshots, and check back Monday.. well.. Sunday if you're not in Australia, to see my Coming Soon section. I should update it by then.