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The Endbringer

My next endeavor will be a suit or armor. I know there are a lot of armor plug-ins but I want to try one anyway. As of right now I'm leaning towards heavy, but I may change my mind. I will be doing retextures myself. I will post pics as soon as I can. This plug-in will have a series of quests/adventures planned to recover the full suit.

My theory is that one day I will get a group of 'popular' modders together, and then each of them add pieces of the armor into thier mods. That way the plug-in stretches across multiple layers and into different realms.

If someone found the pauldron in one mod, they wouldn't think anything of it. Then they find another piece in another mod, and another etc. Until all 10 pieces are recovered.

Until I speak to some people, I'll just consider it a solo project though. And act accordingly.
Feedback is welcome.


Front with Helm

Front with Greaves

Back cuirass

Helm picture 1

Helm picture 2

Side picture 1

Side picture 2